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Start Date: 01/11/2015

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CO2 Terminals


The port institute for studies and cooperation (FEPORTS) and the technological centre AITEC have jointly developed, with a partial funding by Valencia region Authorities, an autofeeder layout designer for terminals of containers with the name of CO2 multidecition terminal.

This layout designer is based on the multicriteria decision theory in order to be considered all relevant points of view: safety&security, environmental care and cost efficiency, in the decision making process.

This complex methodology is presented to users in an easy GUI (graphical user interface) that is addressed to:

• Engineers, designers and researchers in the field of container terminals.
• Managers of existing terminals that want to validate the actual layout design, or manage changes of machines and layouts in an appropriate way.
• Managers of new container terminals.

The R&D process was carried out during years 2015 and 2016. Now the project is in an implementation phase according with a previously stated business plan.


The main objective of the project "CO2 Multidecision Terminal" is to improve the design of port and inland container terminals reducing the carbon footprint without affecting other relevant subjects as safety and cost efficiency.


As a result of the proyect, a GUI (graphical user interface) commercialy avaliable has been designed covering several scenarios:

A.- Inland terminals with DG (dangerous goods).

B.- Inland terminals without DG.

C.- Port terminals with DG.

D.- Port terminals without DG.

The CO2 multidecision terminal service can be used as much as you want with annual fees of 1.000 € (legal taxes not included).

As the used methode is based on preferences from involved stakeholders, your annual fee will be reimbursed when you submit your preferences and CV the first time.

Aimed at:

Outputs of this research transferred in a practical and easy GUI (graphical user interface) are addressed to:


More information and contact:

If you are interested to be a user of this GUI, please contact with us:

Project manager in AITEC: Francisco Santarremigia, Ph.D.


Phone: (+34) 96 136 69 69


Parque Tecnológico. C/ Charles Robert Darwin, 20. 46980 Paterna - VALENCIA - SPAIN. Teléfono (+34) 96 136 69 69. Fax (+34) 96 131 84 82. aitec@aitec-intl.com