Coordination workshops gADGeTs project-October

During the month of October it has been developed three coordination workshops for the implementation of the gADGeTs platform between potential cases of study, corresponding to the WP4 Cases of study of the second and last phase of the project. The workshops took place on October 15th, 18th and 25th in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona respectively, ​​with good acceptance and participation by the attendees. During the workshop, the objectives of the project, the prototype of the developed Gadgets platform and the advantages that it offers were explained to the participants.

gADGeTs project is an European project developed by AITEC (Spain) and PRISMA (Austria) that tries to study a “single window” model that will increase the safety, security and efficiency of the dangerous goods transport, as well as the interoperability and the synchromodality, in an easily implementable and integrated version with the solutions already implemented in the companies. gADGeTs platform has 4 main modules: “Info-reading” for an automatic introduction of the data for each expedition, “Track&Tracing” for a discrete tracking of the freight in origin, destination and intermediate points,” Safety & security” for the management of necessary documentation for the transport of dangerous goods as well as the assignment of the most appropriate driver and vehicle for each expedition, and “Low-risk route” for the planning of the transport route looking for the route with lower risks (e.g. secure parkings, avoiding environmentally protected areas).

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