Start of the year with Assets4Rail consortium meeting

On 8th and 9th of January it took place the Assets4Rail consortium meeting at Sapienza Università di Roma. It was a pleasure to go this time to Rome to meet the 19 partners of the project, present last results and discuss about the next steps in the different work packages for a better maintenance of tunnels, bridges (WS1) and rolling stock components (WS2). All the Deliverables can be found listed on the web site and will soon be available for downloading, link.

We also had the pleasure during the first day of meetings, to share with the members of the Advisory Board, which was formed by professionals of the companies Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems AB; Geltransa, UAB; RailWatch GmbH & Co. KG; ELEA lc; Tecnalia; ETH Zürich. Advances of the project and challenges were shared with them, what led to fruitful discussions. At the end of the first day we had the social dinner. This time we had it inside a tram which offered all of us a dinner with beautiful sights of Rome, it couldn´t be in another way in a rail project!

On the second day of meetings, it was presented the competition for Master and PhD students. If you are a student in the transport sector and with interest on rail infrastructures (tunnels and bridges) or rolling stock maintenance (including sensorization, etc.) this may be a very good opportunity for you (you can earn 500€ and the winner will be in contact with different companies involved in the project).  You can find information about this competition on the Assets4Rail webpage (