DIAMOND Consortium meeting Milan (November 2019)

The third consortium meeting of the DIAMOND project took place at Milan (Italy) from 27th to 28th of November. There, representatives of the 14 partners from the 7 countries met to discuss the status of the project and to move forward to achieve the aim of a more inclusive transport system.

As starting point, Lucía Recio, project coordinator presented the general overview of the project and important managerial aspects, whereas, Francisco Santarremigia, as technical coordinator, presented the status considering its technical aspects (revision of finished and ongoing tasks, milestones, current issues and risks).


In addition, numerous aspects were dealt to move forward with the gender issues: updating the methodology so as to bring it more in line with the overall of the project, ethical issues, refining the collection of data and the analysis of the information gathered, how the results will be further exploited, etc.

Many thanks to the invited guests from Politecnico di Torino, Wher- maps made by women for women, Signify, AMAT- Agenzia Mobilità Ambiente e Territorio and ATM- Azienda Tranaporti Milanesi, who showed some applications of gender issues.

Special gratitude to Cristina Marolda and Rachel Louise Palmén, members of the External Advisory Board, who gave us their feedback based on their broad expertise with the only interest to contribute to achieve a more inclusive transport system. It was very fruitful.