A method to better structure your transport research: the Inclusion Diamond and Polyhedral Individual

Differences between men and women in mobility patterns, needs when using transport infrastructures, vehicles and participation in transport related jobs have been highlighted in several studies and are gaining importance across society.

The Inclusion Diamond (ID) and Polyhedral individual (PI) model, developed by AITEC, born with the aim of helping in the definition and generation, in a structured way, of cases of study related to the transport sector so as to avoid these gender differences.

The ID is a user centered model, with the PI at its core. The ID has the shape of a diamond in which each of the vertexes c. Inside each vertex, there are subdivisions which are called layers. Inside this diamond structure, the users of the transport system are represented with a polyhedron, called the polyhedral individual, representing the interaction of users with the transport system considering their different characteristics or profiles (i.e. age, gender, culture, family size, disability, economic level, sexuality and appearance).

This representation allows for an in-depth analysis of transport users and employees expectations and requirements, and the organisation of data according to the different dimensions of transportation and profiles selected as the focus of the study.

For more information visit https://diamond-project.eu/a-method-to-better-structure-your-transport-research/