Introduction of DIAMOND in the KoM of TinnGo

Last 24th January 2019 at Lisbon, the H2020 EU project DIAMOND about revealing actionable knowledge from data to support fair women’s inclusion in transport systems was formally presented in the KoM of the other H2020 EU project approved by the European comission in the same topic about women in transport.

This presentation aimed to introduce all relevant concepts and the approach of the DIAMOND project to the TinnGO partners in order to find common points of cooperation and synergies.

The responsible to carry out this presentation was the technical coordinator of the DIAMOND project, Dr. Francisco Santarremigia from AITEC.

This same action was carried out, but viceversa, by the project coordinator of TinnGO, Prof. Andree Woodcock from the Coventry University at Barcelona, 12th Demeber 2018, during the KoM of the DIAMOND project.

Both presentations were very succesfully, establishing a lot of pathways of cooperation between both projects as a common share point for datasets, a plan for shared meetings to report advances of each project to the other, and common dissemination and communication actions, as international conferences.

Without any doubt, these actions are a sound basis for a succesful performance of these 2 projects, DIAMOND and TinnGO, cooperating together for a more inclusive gender transport system. Good luck for both!