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TIS Rome 2019

On September 23th, Miguel Hervás from the AITEC team, presented the study “Modelling the performance of port terminals using microsimulation” in AIIT 2nd international congress on transport infrastructure and systems in a changing world towards a more sustainable, reliable and smarter mobility ( The presentation was carried out within the Session 7 entitled “Maritime Transport”. You can find a summary of it in

Globalization is increasing cargo volumes in ports, what is starting to produce ports congestion in some of the main ports (e.g. Rotterdam, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Radès), delays in the whole supply chain, higher costs, retentions in the vicinity of ports and more pollution. This highlights the need to improve current container terminals searching for enhanced management models.

The work presented was focused on the microsimulation applied to improve the performance and increase the efficiency of a container terminal based on an optimization of its core software, the TOS (Terminal Operating System).

Miguel was accompanied by our partner Tomislav Rodzic from the University of Zagreb, and expert in microsimulation processes applied to the port environment.

This study was co-funded by Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad (IVACE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under project reference IMIDCA/2017/32.

TIS Rome 2019

El pasado 23 de septiembre, nuestro compañero Miguel Hervás, presentó el estudio “Modelling the performance of port terminals using microsimulation” en el prestigioso congreso internacional del TIS ROME 2019 (

Durante la presentación, Miguel presentó nuestro trabajo de microsimulación acerca de la mejora en el desempeño de una terminal de contenedores en base a una optimización de su software central, la TOS (Terminal Operating System).

Estuvo acompañado por nuestro compañero Tomislav Rodzic ,de la Universidad de Zagreb, experto en procesos de microsimulación aplicado al entorno portuario.

La presentación se llevó a cabo dentro de la Sesión 7 de dicho congreso, titulada “Maritime Transport”. Podéis encontrar un resumen de la misma en

Este estudio ha sido cofinanciado por el Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad (IVACE) y por los Fondos Europeos de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) bajo el proyecto con referencia IMIDCA/2017/32.